Experience when it matters most

Nexant is a leader in strategic M&A support for chemicals, energy and clean energy transactions, providing independent commercial and technical due diligence services. As a result of our deep sector experience we have immediate insight into the issues which drive value. Nexant’s analysis is based on both market and product level knowledge as our project teams are staffed by chemists, chemical engineers, economists and professionals with relevant industry experience. 

When acting on the sell-side, Nexant has deep insight into the energy and chemicals industries and is well-placed to anticipate purchasers’ areas of concern and value. We are confident that our commercial due diligence support will: 

  • Increase sale proceeds 
  • Minimize surprises during the sales process which favor bidders 
  • Accelerate the timetable and reduce disruption to management

If appointed on the buy-side, Nexant typically performs a risk-based analysis on the seller’s claims and investigates the issues that have the greatest impact upon the deal. We will check market dynamics, industry structure and competitive landscape, technical risks, and business plan assumptions; and we will provide an opinion on the prospects for the business under new ownership.