Nexant Training is able to offer individually tailored in-house training courses.

Our in-house training courses are based at various locations in Europe, Americas, Asia and the Middle East. They offer a unique learning experience providing a comprehensive understanding of the petrochemical and polymer industries, covering the technology, economics and markets of the entire value chain from feedstocks through to chemicals, polymers, plastics, and biorenewables. 

Tailor your course to your company

  • You can work with us to design a course that meets the exact needs of your company and the landscape you do business in
  • Choose from our suite of case studies to complement the learning
  • Group discussions, Q&As ect. can all be tailored to your exact requirements

Save money on the cost of in-house training compared to public training

  • The cost of in-house training is per day and not per delegate - meaning you can train up to 25 people and the price will remain fixed
  • There will be no extra travel, hotels or expenses for staff members

Confidentiality for your company

  • Internal and confidential issues can be discussed in confidence
  • Specific brainstorming and discussion sessions can be included in your course agenda

Your staff members will spend less time out of the office

  • We bring the course to you so your staff doesn't have travel anywhere -no visas required
  • You decided the date and times that the training will take place

Additional support

  • Nexant is a globally recognized consulting and services leader. If you have additional requirements we can put you in touch with our expert multi-disciplinary teams.
  • NexantThinking - We also specialize in multi-client reports. Providing subscribers with comprehensive data and insight in the oil & gas, petrochemical, polymers and renewable energy industries.
  • We provide delegates with a complete informational packet, both hard copy and digital. This can be used as a Petrochemical reference source for many years to come. 


For any inquiry on our tailored in-house training courses, please contact us.