Manage the complete demand response business process

iEnergy® Demand Response provides utilities with a comprehensive software platform to effectively manage the complete demand response (DR) business process and customer engagement. The system provides a 360-degree view of demand-side resources that enables a high level of collaboration between regulators, energy markets, system operators, utilities, and participating customers.

By managing the end-to-end DR process, iEnergy Demand Response enables utilities to improve engagement, precision, and operational reliability of their DR programs to increase participation while lowering operating costs – all through a centralized management system. One comprehensive system integrates and manages:

  • Programs — design, enrollment, management, operations
  • Events — scheduling, monitoring, and forecasting
  • Performance — baseline calculation, event measurement and compliance, settlement
  • Resource optimization — registry, event history, test and audits, customer access, and management


  • Enables flexible and intuitive program design and management to ensure reduction goals are met on time and within budget
  • Reduces administrative costs and improves operational efficiency
  • Bridges the operations to program communications and coordination gap enabling improved operational data visibility for all stakeholders
  • Automated communications and integration with other DR technologies (automated thermostats, HEMS, BMS) and other utility systems  (AMI, distribution management, and enterprise systems)
  • Highly configurable platform allows rapid deployment, for a breadth of programs with a diversity of needs



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