Complete system of record for DSM, energy efficiency, renewable energy and water programs.

iEnergy® DSM Central (formerly TrakSmart) provides a comprehensive DSM business process management system for improved planning, visibility, management and control in a single, secure, web-based, system of record. iEnergy DSM Central allows utility executives, administrators and program managers to easily and efficiently deploy, manage and monitor an entire portfolio of customer programs through a user-friendly application.

With iEnergy DSM Central, program managers, trade partners, service providers, customers, and regulators have full and secure internet access to authorized data via a standard web browser. iEnergy DSM Central automates the complete workflow process-from planning and launch to tracking and reporting, and significantly reduces the time, cost, and potential human error in managing DSM programs. In addition, the system gives utilities the ability to accurately report on how their DSM programs are conserving and meeting regulatory compliance requirements.


  • Reduces cost and complexity
  • Reduces compliance risk
  • Drives energy and water savings
  • Improves real-time visibility and control
  • Improves customer enrollment, participation and customer satisfaction
  • Speeds time to rebate and reduces rebate processing errors
  • Ease of use
  • Secure
  • Flexible, extensible, interoperable
  • Proven


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