Educate, engage and empower customers on energy and water conservation

iEnergy® is the consumer engagement portal for the Nexant iEnergy platform. The portal educates and engages utility customers to be efficient through equipment replacement, behavior modification and demand response. iEnergy Home enables consumers to both lower bills and maintain comfort levels at home while protecting the environment, by delivering personalized information and actionable resources triggered by social motivators, persuasion and game mechanics that influence behavior change and enable persistent savings.


Utility Benefits:

  • Achieving measurable and verifiable energy efficiency results
  • Increasing enrollment, participation and satisfaction in conservation programs
  • Improving customer satisfaction by delivering a rich, interactive experience around customer energy use profiles
  • Engaging residential customers in demand response programs and the win-win of behavior modification

Consumers Benefits:

  • Save money and do the right thing for the long haul
  • Get the support needed to do the right thing
  • Solve problems, be heard, have fun

Trade ally Benefits:

  • Gain instant access to new business
  • Expand market reach and promotional opportunities

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