Improve visibility into DSM portfolio performance

iEnergy® Portfolio Planning is a cloud-based utility Demand Side Management (DSM) planning system for planners to easily simulate, model, and adjust the optimal mix of energy savings measures, administrative budgets and incentives, participants, and program scenarios for optimal cost-effectiveness and savings. This easily accessible software that streamlines planning and forecasting into a single system of record can be deployed individually or as a fully integrated solution to grow and scale your program and portfolio planning needs.

As a part of the purpose-built Nexant iEnergy platform, this intuitive interface provides program managers with improved visibility to portfolio performance and the ability to view the contribution of their individual measures towards energy savings benefit over the life of the measure or program. The application allows utilities planners to perform program cost-effectiveness calculations for measures, programs and portfolios based on planning assumptions, and analyze results using multiple scenarios. iEnergy Portfolio Planning presents regulators with improved visibility and transparency by enabling utilities to confidently report projected portfolio performance and justify investments for the future.


  • Real-time visibility into projected portfolio performance via cloud-based interface for reporting, load planning and analysis
  • Provides various methodologies to calculate budget and plan for multiple years
  • Monitor trends and compare effects of different sets of data on program cost-effectiveness
  • Measure and input adjustment for consolidated program scenario simulation and analysis
  • Secure, role-based access ensures data integrity and reduces risk of errors
  • Single repository to manage the consolidated program planning and measure data
  • Intuitive interface to manage TRM measure assumptions and values