Modelling the world’s natural gas and LNG markets

Nexant’s World Gas Model (WGM) is available for clients to use under license on their own systems as well as supporting our Global Gas in-house experts on consultancy assignments and multi-client studies and reports. The model projects global, regional, and national gas supply-demand balances, international gas trade by pipeline and LNG and both contracted and spot prices.  Spot prices are estimated with reference to the cost of supply, competing prices and the “tightness” of the market.  The model currently has an outlook period to 2040 and is balanced on a quarterly basis.

WGM can be accessed by clients in different ways:

Licensing – WGM is installed on clients’ own computers and Nexant provides full training at the time of installation.  The package is all Excel based with an optimizer add in and is very user friendly.  The database assumptions are updated quarterly by Nexant and sent out to clients but all assumptions and data can be overwritten so that clients can run their own scenarios.  All model developments and enhancements are also provided to clients as part of the package.

Online Subscriptions – The scenarios Nexant run each quarter can be downloaded through our World Gas Analytics Service (WGAS) which includes a Base Case scenarios updated each quarter and alternative scenarios published throughout the year.

One-Off Analysis – Nexant can run customised scenarios based on clients’ own assumptions and clients’ receive all the detailed outputs and analysis as available in the World Gas Analytics Service but tailored to the chosen scenario.  For more information contact Dan Legg.