Economic Dispatch

Nexant’s Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow software is the industry’s leading power flow software for security-constrained economic dispatch (SCED) for use in system planning, operations, real-time control and markets.

It analyses and optimizes system generation, flow and voltages subject to rigorous security criteria, with accurate AC or enhanced DC network modeling.  It has critical applications in multiple phases of system network engineering: real-time control, system operations, planning, and energy markets.

Nexant’s power flow applications include:

  • Voltage/VAr Management: regulation, reserve, loss minimization, reactive markets, remedial action, and VAr installation.
  • MW Management: contingency analysis, secure dispatch, remedial switching, curtailment and start-up.
  • Transmission-Constrained Market Simulation: Spot/bilateral markets, including LMPs and price sensitive demand, and simultaneous feasibility test.