Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Celebrating Differences Within Our Culture

At Nexant, diversity, equity, and inclusion matter. We have made a firm commitment to address diversity in every aspect of our business operations. From our Executive Board to our front-line team to the vendors we work with, we recognize that to be successful, it is vital to celebrate our differences, provide fair opportunity, and learn from one another.

At Nexant creating a safe, supportive, and fulfilling environment for employees to do their best work is among our foremost priorities. We strive to accomplish this goal by creating a culture of inclusion built upon a diverse workforce that thrives on being here and one that also reflects not only the diversity of our customers but also seeks to address the needs of the communities that we serve. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is one that we want all employees, regardless of geography or position to identify, embrace, and act on in a positive manner.”- Basem Sarandah, Nexant CEO

Nexant’s Diversity Plan

Our diversity plan is focused on three key priorities:

Workforce Diversity

The diversity and differences among our workforce makes us stronger as an organization, allowing us to produce better and more innovative work. We see people as individuals, and honor each person’s perspectives, experiences, skills, and ideas. In all our recruitment efforts, we are continually looking for staff members who add to our rich culture of diversity.

Organizational Development

We recognize that our culture must support and recognize diversity to enable our team to best work together. We are committed to providing our employees with the tools and resources to build an increasingly diverse and inclusive organization where differences are celebrated.

Supplier Diversity

We strive to build supplier and vendor partnerships with diversity-owned firms including women, minority, disabled veteran, and LGBTQ. Learn more about Nexant's Supplier Diversity Program by clicking the "Download more info" button below. To register for the program, please complete the online form by clicking the "Registration Form" button below.

For more details on supplier opportunities with Nexant, please contact us at diversity@nexant.com.

work with diversity owned firms and women owned businesses