ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry 2017

Aug 15, 2017 to Aug 18, 2017
Denver Marriott City Center,
1701 California St,
Denver, Colorado , 80202
United States

Nexant is especially keen on this year’s theme of “Advancing Industrial Energy Efficiency through Collaboration,” since our industrial programs are best known for high levels of engagement and participation.

Industrial energy efficiency has always been about people. The latest technologies often get the most attention, but it’s the people who manage the plant, find the opportunities, develop the solutions, and make the decisions – large and small – that determine the efficiency of today’s facilities. Join us or follow the proceedings, and you’ll be well-equipped to mobilize the human elements of your energy management systems!



Energy Managers and Award-Winning Customer Collaboration

Panel 3 Session, Paper Number: 198

Authors: Bill Schutten and Dustin Schneider

A critical component of Nexant’s Industrial Program (IP) is the energy management team. Energy Managers (EMs) empower facility staff to incorporate energy efficiency into their daily decisions. Large industrial sites face unique challenges, which make customers feel that utility-sponsored DSM programs are not designed for them. Sometimes the process isn't transparent, the paperwork burdensome, or the technical expertise isn’t available. Recognizing this, IP has made our program more personal.

Each program participant works with a dedicated EM who becomes their trusted point of contact and tailors program services to meet their needs. Empowering EMs with the tools, resources, and flexibility necessary to successfully engage participants has been critical to our success. EMs facilitate participation and maximize the program’s value. By providing a high level of technical expertise and personalized programmatic support we have developed a highly engaged participant base that implements efficiency measures more often and more persistently.

IP has pioneered a program model for restoring industrial customer faith in DSM programs and reinvigorating energy-efficient activity. Our approach effectively engages all types of industrial sites, from those who take a casual approach to energy efficiency to sophisticated customers with energy management systems.

Since the EM service launched in 2014, the number of participants has doubled and achieved savings have exceeded goals by more than 100% annually. This paper and panel discussion will provide insights into how a successful EM program model results in award-winning success and collaboration.