AESP Spring Conference and Expo 2017

May 2, 2017 to May 4, 2017
Salt Lake City, Utah
United States

It’s serendipity that AESP’s customer engagement-focused conference is in Salt Lake City, home to Nexant’s industry-leading Utility Customer Care and Fulfillment Center.  There’s A LOT to do here in SLC – not the least of which is industry-leading utility customer service. Let us show you!

Action Heroes: Marketing and Customer Engagement

AESP’s Spring Conference will be a dual track conference focusing on marketing and customer engagement - the fairy dust that inspires customer action and participation. Marketing sessions will focus on innovative targeted or mass media marketing tactics and campaigns inside and outside of the energy efficiency industry. Customer Engagement sessions will focus on tactics, strategies and results related to program participant recruitment and retention. Both tracks will provide attendees the opportunity to learn about marketing and customer engagement strategies. More than 300 attendees are expected to attend and take advantage of the conference sessions, training courses, networking and special events. Join us in this engaging conference where we learn about some of the successful tactics that utilities are using to increase engagement, hear of the newest research on customer behavior, and discover some cool new tools to effectively market to customers right now.


Session 1A: Customer Engagement 

Social Media: Moving Beyond the Post and Pray Approach
Moderated by: LeAndra MacDonald, Nexant
Date: Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Time: 10:30-11:30am

Social media takes up nearly a quarter of all time spent online and reaches more than 75 percent of all Internet users but utilities have an average of 91 engagements per Facebook post and five per Twitter post. Where is the disconnect? Utilities and program implementers need more focused strategies in order to leverage social networks like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to drive participation. A social media strategy isn’t a one‐time marketing initiative but must be incorporated into program day‐to‐day operations.  With this type of commitment, utilities want to know if the message is reaching their target audience and resulting in increased program participation.  This panel discusses why social media is so important in engaging with customers, how other industries are tackling social media, what tactics you should include in a social media strategy and how to measure success.

Speakers: Sandi Johnson, GoodCents; Kevin Guebenlian, Cadmus; and Amanda Gasse, ERS