Bloomberg Intelligence Analyst Briefing: Bulk Chemicals Checkup

Sep 28, 2017
United States

What's going on in the markets for ethylene, propylene and butadiene? The global olefins markets are generally hearty, with high levels of profitability and high operating rates -- but the prospects difffer from region to region.    

Chirag Kothari joins Bloomberg Intelligence to offer a fee webinar outlining Nexant's long-term outlook for these core petrochemical markets. He'll be drawing on results from Market Dynamics - Olefins, the latest offering in Nexant's PPE series.  

For 40 years, Nexant's Petroleum and Petrochemical Economics (PPE) program has provided highly respected reliable data, insightful analysis and dependable forecasts of the profitability, competitive position and supply/demand trends of the global petroleum and petrochemical industry. 



Chirag Kothari


Petroleum and petrochemical profitability

Chirag has managed and authored reports on technology, supply/demand forecasts, pricing, and profitability projections for olefins and derivatives, aromatics, and refined more