Innoplast's Plastics Reincarnation 2018

Jun 25, 2018 to Jun 28, 2018
Newark Liberty International Airport
Newark, New Jersey
United States
Nexant participates in the 8th annual Innoplast conference on sustainable and bio-based and recycled plastics.
The conference hosts sessions on the technology and markets for bio-based materials for polyolefins, polyesters and specialty polymers. Other sessions explore end-of-life options for plastics -- recycling, returning them to their monomer forms, converting them to liquid fuels, or using their energy for plastics making. 
Ron Cascone and Sarah Boisvert, experts from Nexant's Energy & Chemicals Advisory team, lead a session about technologies for getting value from those plastics that cannot be recycled. 


Ronald F. Cascone


Biorenewables and Energy

Ronald F. Cascone is a leader of Nexant’s Bio-Renewable Chemicals more

Sarah Boisvert

Consultant, Energy & Chemicals Advisory

Ms. Sarah Boisvert has performed various technical and market due diligence studies with Nexant, primarily pertaining to the renewables sector, and has co-authored a number of Nexant’s multiclient reports on renewable/green chemicals and fuels. more