Nexant Webinar: Digitizing TRMs –Taking Utility Measure Data to the Cloud Jan 2015

Jan 20, 2016

Please join Ameren and Nexant to see how leading utilities are leveraging new systems, best practices and analytics to streamline and consolidate the management of their measure data across their DSM business portfolios. Learn about common utility challenges with manual approaches, key benefits of a digital technical reference library and how this is being automated through new measure data management software.

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Today’s utilities are continuously challenged with budgetary pressures and rising energy savings targets. Recent changes in regulatory reporting mechanisms not only impact the business operations of utilities but also affect customer satisfaction. States and utilities are increasingly looking to leverage an easier, more effective and secure database approach to measure data management. A digital one that is capable of capturing, organizing and tracking a comprehensive set or library of multi-sector energy efficiency and DSM measures, along with accompanying documentation. 

This webinar will reveal common utility challenges and best practice to address them for maintaining and managing technical reference data, and take you through the success stories achieved by leading utilities using automated measure data management software. See how utilities are streamlining the maintenance and management of the complete set of DSM measures with: 

• A single digital repository of all DSM and efficiency measures in the cloud 
• Easy, secure, online access and management 
• Improved visibility and transparency for utilities and regulators 
• Easy calculation, verification and auditing of measure savings


Laureen Welikson

Senior Consultant Energy Efficiency Evaluation & Strategy, Ameren Missouri

Laureen is a Senior Consultant Energy Efficiency Evaluation & Strategy for Ameren Missouri where she coordinates the evaluation of the Residential Energy Efficiency Portfolio.  In that role she is responsible for developing residential measures in the Ameren Missouri Technical more