US Butadiene and Derivatives Conference

Dec 5, 2018
The Maxwell New York, New York
United States

How can the US butadiene market ensure its survival? With lighter feedstocks, limited funding and few investments in the pipeline, what are the implications for butadiene supply at home and globally?

Nexant examines the headwinds for growth in US butadiene market.

Elliot Frisch will be speaking on "Lighter cracking and lack of funding---Challenges facing potential growth in US market."


Elliot Frisch


Technoeconomics, styrenics, butadiene derivatives, aromatics, and green chemicals.
Elliot Frisch has supported key projects with technical and market research and technoeconomic analysis.  He has authored several Nexant subscriber reports on technology, market analytics, and price and profitability forecasts with areas of focus in styrenics, butadiene derivatives, more