US Butadiene & Derivatives Conference

Dec 6, 2017
Stewart Hotel
371 Seventh Avenue
New York, New York , 10001
United States
US butadiene makers and buyers are buffeted by extreme market volatility now. Stakeholders gather at this essential industry forum to better understand how to manage risk and anticipate change, especially as China and Europe adjust to new realities.
Randy Rabenhorst presents Nexant's long term outlook for European butadiene supply and demand. He examines whether Europe can remain competitive in light of feedstock changes in the US.
Randy also brings his perspective to a panel discussing how disruptions to the global butadiene market might affect the USindustry.


Randy Rabenhorst


Chemicals, plastics, and specialty chemicals

Mr. Randy Rabenhorst is a Principal in Nexant’s Energy and Chemicals Advisory Practice in White Plains, more