Nexant Combines Historical Big Data with Advanced Grid Applications for Improved Utility Planning and Operations

Jan 29, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO – Nexant, a leading provider of proven, customer-centric software solutions for utilities announced today it has joined OSIsoft’s Partner EcoSphere Program. With this partnership, Nexant is integrating its Grid360 platform for advanced transmission and distribution (T&D) analytics with OSIsoft’s industry-leading real-time enterprise software data infrastructure for operational intelligence – the PI System. Feeding real-time and archived operational big data from millions of grid data points into Nexant Grid360 enables powerful analysis and advanced planning capabilities in a single solution that provides unparalleled context for grid operations and utility planning.

This new partnership taps enormous aggregations of utility data to help utilities create historical base cases of grid operations to compare against potential “what-if” scenarios. By utilizing the extensive historical data available from the OSIsoft PI System, Nexant Grid360 can analyze the reliability impact of future grid modernization and changes in generation and load at the grid edge more extensively and accurately than ever before. This includes optimizing both equipment use and siting, as well as the impact of very near-term events like weather and demand response activity, to greatly improve operations and minimize costs.

“Utilities are searching for solutions to address today’s new energy challenges and easily adapt to the rapidly changing market place,” said Nexant’s SVP of Software and Chief Technology Officer Martin Milani. “Nexant and OSIsoft’s partnership helps utilities understand today’s distribution and transmission grids like never before. As a result, utilities can better plan for and simulate the impact of renewables, storage, microgrids, demand response and energy efficiency on distribution grid and transmission networks and quickly adapt to fast changing market conditions.”

“Nexant’s Grid360 is a powerful grid management platform that’s proven to provide compelling insights and critical applications to address the challenging dynamics of grid management in today’s T&D landscape,” said Timothy Johnson, Director of Partners and Strategic Alliances at OSIsoft. “It’s an invaluable analytical tool set that transforms the PI System’s vast real-time and historical data assets into actionable intelligence to help utilities manage the diverse planning and operational needs of today’s rapidly changing grid.”

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