Nexant iEnergy Software Platform Manages Nexus of Water and Energy Efficiency Programs

Apr 29, 2015
Leading software platform manages electric, gas and water conservation goals and demand side ecosystem

SAN FRANCISCO  – Nexant, a leading provider of software solutions for utilities and municipalities, today announced its leading Nexant iEnergy software platform helps utilities and municipalities manage the water-energy nexus of demand side conservation programs.

With drought currently affecting a large part of the U.S., worsening water shortages could impact some power generation plant operations. Extremely low water levels in dams and reservoirs are also threatening hydroelectric generation capacity in some of the most densely populated areas of the western U.S. While water is a key enabler in electricity generation, electricity is a key enabler for water delivery and infrastructure. The relationship between these two components of everyday life is highly interdependent and intertwined.

“The nexus of water and energy is a real challenge for utilities and municipalities who manage conservation programs for both,” said Martin Milani, Nexant General Manager of Software and Chief Technology Officer.  Milani continued, “About two-to-four gallons of fresh water is often lost per 1 kWh of electricity consumed in many of the same regions that are experiencing record drought. As another example, in California, approximately 20% of the state’s electricity usage is consumed pumping water. Clearly, reducing water use saves energy, and reducing energy use saves water --- and usage reduction of both water and electricity reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Managing energy and water efficiency programs on a single end-to-end platform is key to meeting today’s conservation challenges.”

The Nexant iEnergy software platform helps utilities and municipalities more effectively and efficiently manage conservation programs for both water and energy. The platform includes:

  • iEnergy® DSM Central manages end-to-end DSM, energy efficiency, water conservation and renewable energy business processes driving savings, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction – all in a single, secure, system of record.
  • iEnergy® Trade Ally provides efficient vendor and contractor outreach, engagement and management to form an energy and water conservation community that works together effectively.
  • iEnergy® Home engages and educates consumers to be resource efficient and participate in utility programs, driving demand management, equipment replacement and behavior modification.
  • iEnergy® Onsite provides real-time energy and water analysis and rebate information through a mobile assessment application.