Nexant-led team brainstorms winning sustainability solution for Asia at Energy Opportunities 2013

Oct 23, 2013

BANGKOK – Energy Opportunities is a series of executive brainstorms staged around the world investigating game changing methods to bring about a clean energy future. This year, Nexant attended an Energy Opportunities brainstorming session organized by CNBC and Shell at Bangkok's Kempinski Hotel. Squawk Box host, Bernie Lo, asked several teams to brainstorm a solution that would result in the following fictional headline from the future: By 2035, despite a boom in urban population, emissions from transportation are down and air quality in Asia has improved by 50%. 

In the face of massive population growth and constrained resources, how do we plan for an energy-dependent future? Can the world make choices now that will help pull millions out of poverty, bring electricity to all, continue global economic growth and avoid the health consequences of dirty fuels and climate change? 

Peter du Pont, Vice President, Government and Clean Energy Consulting, Nexant (Asia) led a brainstorming team that came up with a winning solution to these critical challenges. The team argued that a sustainable (run on clean energy), seamless (in terms of changes between lines/services) mega mass-transit system should be developed. To find out more, watch the video or click on the links below:


Highlights from the Session