Nexant Research Aids IEA’s International Review of Energy Efficiency Programs

Aug 5, 2013

WASHINGTON, DC – The International Energy Agency (IEA) has recently released its report on global energy efficiency programs implemented by energy providers, relying on survey findings and analysis provided by Nexant. In conjunction with the report’s release, Nexant Vice-President Peter du Pont presented a review of the programs at the June 2013 Asia Clean Energy Forum at the Asian Development Bank in Manila.

The report, Energy Provider-Delivered Energy Efficiency: A global stock-taking based on case studies, provides a valuable window into the methods energy providers are using to design and deliver energy savings programs internationally. 

Nexant supported the IEA report team by surveying energy providers around the world to identify innovative energy savings programs and analyze key trends.  The team considered 250 energy-saving activities, and developed 41 detailed case studies across 18 countries, including North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Australia.  Taken together, the projects included in these case studies represent more than a billion U.S. dollars in annual spending, or about 8% of estimated global energy provider expenditure on energy efficiency.

Although regulatory compliance was the primary driver for energy providers to deliver energy efficiency in most cases, it was by no means the only driver. Market mechanisms and financial incentives, business retention and development, voluntary agreements, and community relations also played key roles, as did sustainability policies, demand management, and system operations issues.

The case studies revealed that advice and assistance were the most common energy savings activities—often complemented by other activities such as equipment replacement, bulk procurement and distribution, and financial incentives. On-bill financing is also being increasingly implemented by energy providers, who can take advantage of customer billing systems already in place to finance energy efficiency projects.

“Energy providers are well-positioned to deliver energy efficiency because of their role in the energy marketplace, their strong technical and administrative capacity, and their ability to mobilize funding,” said Grayson Heffner, IEA Senior Energy Efficiency Advisor. “They share responsibility for energy security and sustainability with the government, and are skilled at bundling advice and incentives to create accessible energy savings opportunities.”

“Nexant undertook this assignment with IEA because of its strategic importance,” said du Pont. “By identifying innovative programs from around the world, and analyzing the drivers and lessons learned, this report can help energy providers scale up their energy savings programs faster and more effectively.”

The report was part of a work program that IEA undertook in 2011 with the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) to focus on the role of energy providers in delivering energy efficiency to end-users. The work falls under the umbrella of the International Partnership on Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC). The full report can be accessed on the IEA website by clicking here.



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