Top Nexant Blogs for 2019

Dec 31, 2019

So long, 2019! We’re excited to cap off a wonderful year here at Nexant. Back in January we were thrilled to learn of two Exemplary Program Awards from ACEEE for programs we administer with ComEd. Our Energy Efficiency Delivery West team began supporting electric vehicle grant projects in three states. We also achieved an ENERGY STAR certification in our Utah office building and the entire company was awarded Climate Registered Gold Status by The Climate Registry. 

There were also plenty of new beginnings. We welcomed 150 new staff into the company. In Energy & Chemicals Advisory, we launched a new online training course for the global petrochemical industry and a Sustainability in Plastics course. With our Grid360 and iEnergy software, we also worked on a team to create the world’s most advanced electricity network management and control system with UK Power Networks.

Next year is Nexant’s 20th Anniversary and we’re looking forward to celebrating 20 years of innovation! Stay tuned to find out how we will challenge Nexant staff to be more sustainable in honor of this milestone. We’re also excited to exhibit at DISTRIBUTECH and present at AESP’s National Conference coming up in the first quarter of 2020. The energy industry continues to change and we will keep providing the solutions and perspectives that help it move forward, toward a sustainable energy future.  

Throughout the year, our staff has been writing and sharing our knowledge, research, and company updates on social media. We hope our expertise and ideas helped our staff, friends, and colleagues learn more about energy, chemicals, and recent industry trends. Here are our most popular blogs written in 2019:

Top 10 Blogs on Utility Services & Software

  1. So Hot Right Now: Innovations in Heat Pump Technology
  2. The Need for a Holistic Electrification Strategy
  3. Making Commercial Buildings Sustainable and Green
  4. Why We Love What We Do
  5. Generation Z and its Potential Impacts on the Energy Industry
  6. Advanced Rooftop Controls: Win-Win Energy Efficiency for Small to Medium Buildings
  7. Living in a Digital World
  8. Benefits of Energy Efficiency Go Beyond Saving Energy and Money
  9. The Customer Experience Ecosystem: A Platform for Utilities
  10. How to Increase Your Resilience in 4 Minutes: A Mindfulness Exercise for Energy Professionals

Top 10 Blogs on Energy & Chemicals Advisory 

  1. Plastics in the Automotive Industry – Which Materials Will Be the Winners and Losers?
  2. On Purpose – What’s Driving New Propane Dehydrogenation Projects in North America?
  3. The Organic Pigments Landscape: Challenges for Producers Like Clariant and BASF
  4. Hydrogen - From Town Gas to Industrial Gas to Decarbonised Fuel
  5. Linear Alpha Olefins: Renewed Investment in Full Range Facilities
  6. Electric Vehicles – Disruptions in the Chemicals and Refining Industries
  7. PVC in Europe – Good times ahead for European PVC producers?
  8. Global Polyolefins Market Snapshot
  9. Disruption in Aromatics – How will unprecedented capacity growth impact the market in 2019?
  10. Calling All (Methanol) Cars