NexantThinking programs provide subscribers and users with comprehensive analytics, forecasts and insights for the energy, chemicals, polymers and bio-renewable industries. Using a combination of business and technical expertise, with deep and broad understanding of markets, technologies and economics, NexantThinking provides solutions that our clients have relied upon for over 50 years.

For consumption, production, supply and demand, pricing and profitability, our Petroleum and Petrochemical Economics (PPE) program addresses over 50 key chemicals and feedstocks. Continuously monitoring and tracking the industry, this program provides regular updates via published reports and an interactive online database.

To understand key technology developments and their related impact on production economics, our Process Evaluation/Research Planning (PERP) program is recognized globally as the industry standard source for techno- economic information relevant to the chemical process and refining industries.

For businesses specializing in specific value chains, our PolyOlefins Planning Service (POPS) provides reports and databases on the polyethylene and polypropylene industry, and our Strategic Business Analysis (SBA) provides comprehensive coverage of the methanol, ammonia and urea markets delivered cost, pricing and competitiveness and technologies. In addition, our World Gas Model (WGM) simulates how interactions between supply, availability, costs, transportation, LNG capacity, and long term gas contracts interact to produce global, regional and national gas supply demand balances.

Our recent Bio-renewable Insights (BI) program provides in-depth evaluations and reliable data on the technology, cost competitiveness and business developments of biorenewable chemicals and fuels. BI was created in response to the increasing activity in this industry segment in recent years as well as growing interest from companies in the oil, chemical, financial and other sectors.

To complement our subscription programs, a series of Special Reports are also produced on an ad-hoc basis to analyze issues of topical importance to the oil & gas, petrochemical, polymers and renewable energy industries.