Nexant Subscriptions and Reports provide clients with comprehensive analytics, forecasts, and insights for the chemicals, polymers, energy, and cleantech industries.

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Using a combination of business and technical expertise, with deep and broad understanding of markets, technologies, and economics, Nexant provides solutions that our clients have relied upon for over 50 years.

Markets and Profitability comprises of the former Petroleum and Petrochemical Economics (PPE), PolyOlefins Planning Service (POPS), Strategic Business Analysis (SBA), and World Gas Analytics (WGAS). It provides market analysis and profitability and pricing analysis with long term forecasts.

Technology and Costs comprises the Technoeconomics – Energy & Chemicals (TECH) program (formerly known as PERP), the Biorenewable Insights program (BI), and the new Cost Curve Analysis. These programs provide comparative economics of different process routes and technologies in various geographic regions.

Special Reports address issues of topical importance to the energy and chemicals industry.  Each special report explores the subject matter in detail to provide an up-to-date and thorough understanding of the related issue allowing investment decisions, new business strategy, etc., to be formulated.

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