At Nexant, we engage in sustainable activities on multiple levels:

  • Technical expertise in topics like strategic energy management, renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency, and water conservation.
  • Corporate responsibility and how we measure our impact via greenhouse gas emissions and waste data.
  • Staff innovation and support for offices that want to go well beyond the status quo.

The management of energy, water and other resources is in a pivotal moment in history. We believe we have an opportunity to empower sustainable activities as a business and as individuals. This belief is infused in our relationships with employees, clients, our supply chain, and the environment. We are proud of our sustainability achievements as a company and how our business aligns with the goal of a resourceful, responsible, and sustainable world.


For over a decade, Nexant has been demonstrating environmentally sustainable corporate leadership by recording, reporting, and offsetting our North American office carbon emissions with The Climate Registry. We track our baseline consumption of metrics such as energy, water, paper, trash, recyclables, and compostables. As a company that offers measurement and verification of energy savings as a service to our clients, we know the importance of having a separate entity verify and confirm our progress toward a goal.climate registered gold level

We have a corporate sustainability policy that commits us to continual improvement, and a Sustainability Coordinator in each office. To assess this continual improvement, we implement a Green Office Scorecard, which is filled out by our Sustainability Coordinators around the globe. Data collected in the Scorecard is used to rank offices, award funds toward sustainability initiatives, and remind offices of things they can do to improve their performance.

Offices organize sustainability challenges such as "The Straw Challenge" and "The Take Out Challenge" to help motivate and reward employees who are striving to live sustainably and minimize their own waste outside of the office. Some Nexant offices recently started composting and have plans to achieve zero waste in 2019. Six of our offices promote the use of electric vehicles via charging stations and designated parking. Four of our offices are in buildings that are LEED Certified: San Francisco is LEED Platinum and Toronto is LEED Gold.

Nexant has passionate, forward-thinking employees that take sustainability seriously. We couldn't achieve this milestone without the consistent effort and interest of our employees, leaders, and sustainability coordinators. I'm excited for our plans and continued membership with The Climate Registry..”- Basem Sarandah, Nexant CEO.

EUISSCA - Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance

Nexant is a member of EUISSCA, an alliance of US electric utilities and their suppliers that was formed to promote a robust and sustainable electric utility industry supply chain. The Alliance works with its members and stakeholders to identify and exchange successful practices and deliver tangible business value to member organizations through the application of sustainability practices. The Alliance encourages sharing of best practices through an annual survey tool that provides performance trends and benchmark data for all members and sponsors an annual Sustainable Sourcing Conference to address sustainability challenges.


We are happy to report, through working with the Climate Registry Information System (CRIS), that over the last 6 years our greenhouse gas emissions have been on a downward trend.

Offices that complete the Green Office Scorecard and perform well receive a monetary incentive toward future greening activities, encouraging continual improvement. Here is what some offices are doing:

  • LED lighting retrofits
  • Cloud-based fault detection system for HVAC and Lighting
  • Office composting
  • Communal cruiser bikes
  • Sustainable furniture
  • Reusable dishware
  • Cloth hand-towel service
  • Green office plants
  • Reusable water canteens for employees and hydration challenges

Aside from lessening our own environmental impact, we like reminders that the work we’re doing really matters. That’s why the Hinsdale (Chicago) office set up a live monitor in the kitchen that shows real-time data of the total kWh and therms their office has saved. Additional offices are working to install these monitors as well. Whether it’s energy efficiency, retro-commissioning, consulting, or evaluating energy programs, we are proud of the work we do and how it contributes to a sustainable future.