How Silicon Valley Power is Enabling Responsive Customer Engagement by Streamlining Residential Energy Audits

Aug 18, 2015

Utilities are transforming how they approach customer engagement in order to build relationships with their customers and in turn increase customer satisfaction by providing positive experiences as opposed to ‘transactions’.

One example is Silicon Valley Power (SVP) adopting purpose-built software to streamline their residential energy audits. How does this help build a relationship with SVP’s customers? How does streamlining energy audits increase customer satisfaction for SVP? It’s simple really—when things operate smoothly and seamlessly behind the scenes, the customer benefits. Let’s start with how an efficient and effective audit process helps to build a meaningful relationship with customers. SVP has historically conducted energy audits and a range of customer interaction initiatives, but with the implementation of iEnergy Onsite, it now takes significantly less time to complete—saving their customers valuable time. The audit process itself is automated and completed with ease. What’s more, SVP is able to present an instant report to their customer while still on premise during the audit. This allows SVP to continue to build on their relationships with their customers and provide them with an actionable assessment report that gives them information on efficiency programs that can both reduce their energy use and save on their bills – helping to drive customer satisfaction.

By automating energy audits, SVP now stores crucial premise and customer data in a single, secure repository. How does this benefit their customers? Now data only needs to be collected once—during the audit. If a customer had an audit completed but chose not to take any action at that time, but six months later SVP reached out to that very same customer to check in and they were interested in participating—no efforts are duplicated. All of that customer’s audit data is safely stored and available.

At the end of the day, it is the everyday experiences (like an energy audit) with utilities that have the ability to positively impact how a customer feels about their utility overall. Want to learn more about how streamlining energy audits can be integrated into your customer engagement/experience strategies? Contact us to learn more.