PVC in Europe – Good times ahead for European PVC producers?

Jan 7, 2019

Following a period of depressed demand, European PVC producers are set to experience more favourable market conditions – leading to increases in plant utilisation and margin growth.

But there are some potential headwinds which could scupper this improved profitability – such as competition from low cost producing regions (mainly the USA) and economic uncertainty in key export markets such as Turkey.  But as is seen across the chemicals industry – there will be some players who are better positioned than others to respond to these challenges and to benefit from this more positive landscape.

European supply and demand position:

After the demand destruction experienced during and after the financial crisis – PVC demand in Europe is expected to experience sustained growth – albeit at a relatively low rate.  Over this same forecast period, only limited new capacity is expected – resulting in slightly higher average regional plant utilisation.  Whereas, over the previous ten years, Europe saw quite significant capacity rationalisation.

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