Transforming and Improving the Energy Markets Globally: Here’s How We Do It

Aug 7, 2018

Energy plays a critical role in the global economy. From transportation to communication to entertainment, one can barely think of any goods and services that do not consume energy in some form or the other. The energy sector not only keeps the wheels of economic development rolling, it also has a huge impact on national income, security, sustainability and the quality of lives of citizens.

Thus, it is critical for governments to review their energy policies regularly and update or create new policies as per the market demand, environmental regulations, technology advancement, etc. This is applicable to both state and federal governments as the framework for energy must be consistent with overall objective of inclusive growth.

Nexant’s Government Services Group works with regional and national governments across the world to assist them in developing strong energy markets and infrastructure. To date, we have worked in over 70 countries in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Our work has traditionally focused on helping governments and international development agencies in designing enabling energy policies, building the capacity of stakeholders to help them effectively roll out these policies, and providing technical support to develop the energy market through a range of related interventions.

Our clients include United States Agency for International Development (USAID), United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, etc.

Here is a summary of some of our key projects. We recently wrapped up a six year bilateral US-India program called the Partnership to Advance Clean Energy – Deployment Technical Assistance (PACE-D TA) Program funded by the USAID. Our support to the Government of India, through USAID’s PACE-D TA Program, mobilized USD 798 million and facilitated 602 MW of renewable energy.

In Myanmar, we implemented renewable mini-grid systems to provide energy access to the rural population. This project was funded by the Asian Development Bank and was their first investment in the Myanmar’s off-grid energy sector. To date, the renewable mini-grid systems have provided modern household lighting services for 10,000 people in 2,228 households.

Nexant also leads the Transaction Advisory Services for Power Africa, a U.S. Government-sponsored initiative in sub-Saharan Africa, focused on increasing energy access via a transaction-centered approach.  Nexant is responsible for late stage transaction support, T&D technical support, development of natural gas markets and leveraging of private sector capital. Transactions closed to date, with the assistance of Nexant, are expected to generate more than 4.1 GW of new, cleaner power generation (~4 million connections).

In addition to being successful professional assignments, these projects bring a sense of personal satisfaction. It is indeed a great feeling knowing that your efforts brought electricity in a village where citizens can extend their economic activities after sunset and lead a better life, or helped a woman entrepreneur start her solar rooftop business, or assisted a utility to introduce energy saving initiatives for residents. We not only help bring in innovative technologies and business solutions for the energy sector, we are empowering local stakeholders by helping them build skills to move forward in a sustainable manner.

As a part of my work with Government Services Group, I get to travel frequently, particularly to developing countries and collaborate with local communities.  As a result, on any given day I may be working with my team on residential energy incentives in India, or reviewing the potential for grid-connected renewable energy in Ethiopia, or designing renewable energy policies for Vietnam. It is indeed an exciting career choice. To know more about our work, please visit