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Jul 24, 2018
Maura McGowan
On May 9th, Build United held their annual Day of Caring in Grottoes, VA. The United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockington County’s Build United Program empowers low-income homeowners to live...
Thermal Energy Storage
Jul 16, 2018
Pat Sonti
Today’s thermal energy storage (TES) technologies and systems provide a major opportunity for better economic benefits and enhanced energy management of existing and planned energy assets and...
Renewable Energy and other ways to reduce GHG
Jul 8, 2018
Steven R. Slome
Pat Sonti
Ronald F. Cascone
Great Power: Renewable Energy Renewable energy is a clean source of energy, but it does not provide continual supply in order to meet baseload, cycling and peak energy demand. Solar and wind...
Diversity in the energy industry and utility services
Jul 8, 2018
Andrea Davis
Diversity is an ongoing challenge in many industries, and energy is no different. Greentech Media cited a survey by Ernst & Young that said women represent 16% of board members in the global...
Biogas plant
Jul 1, 2018
Ronald F. Cascone
The Basics of World Natural Gas Natural gas (“gas”) is generally naturally extracted as a variable mixture of methane and other light hydrocarbons, CO 2 and other contaminants. It is also produced as...
Jun 24, 2018
Jeff Baker
Imagine you’re the CEO of an investor-owned utility. (Go ahead, it’s easy!) Your core business—producing and selling electricity for commercial and residential customers—is likely regulated by a...
Jun 18, 2018
Pat Sonti
By Denis Roginskiy , Vice President, CohnReznick Capital & Pat V. Sonti , Senior Consultant, Nexant Introduction The U.S. wind energy industry is poised for an aggressive upward trajectory over...
Jun 17, 2018
Matthew S. Mendis
The New Delhi railway station in the capital of India is one of the country’s busiest railway stations. With nearly 400 trains and 500,000 passengers on a daily basis, the railway station is always...
Jun 7, 2018
Jacob James
Picture an indoor pool: feel the warm air and humidity, see a slide, maybe a bubbling hot tub, kids splashing in the shallow water, maybe some retirees doing water aerobics. Then it hits you—the “...
May 29, 2018
Katy McSurdy
The AESP 2018 Spring Conference just wrapped, and I’m back at Nexant now, feeling refreshed, driven, and energized from a great conference experience. I attended some sessions on marketing and...