Speaking on trade ally management at AESP Spring Conference
May 18, 2018
Jennifer Denherder
We’re looking forward to connecting with friends and meeting new ones at the upcoming AESP spring conference this week in Atlanta, GA. (Join the conversation on twitter at #AESP18 , or follow @...
May 16, 2018
Ronald F. Cascone
Why is Food so Important? Besides being essential for life, next to language and religion, food and drink are perhaps the most significant aspect of human culture. We typically eat three meals a day...
Kevin L. Boyle
May 13, 2018
I used to teach finance courses. Inevitably the question, “What is the purpose of a company?” would come up. Like robots, students answered, “To increase shareholder wealth.” Frankly, this answer...
Apr 25, 2018
Steven R. Slome
Is this the end of biotechnology? Ups and downs in oil markets. Volatility in stock markets. These are indeed strange times. In the midst of all this, there has been considerable consolidation in the...
Apr 23, 2018
Katy McSurdy
Earth Day has passed, but in this industry we like to think every day is Earth Day. Last week, I wrote about some of our Sustainability Coordinators and their years of dedication and experience. This...
Apr 15, 2018
Katy McSurdy
This Earth Day, we’re recognizing some of the amazing commitment and leadership our staff has shown in guiding green practices and awareness throughout North America. At Nexant, aside from lessening...
Apr 9, 2018
Priyanka Khemka
Africa will be home to more than half of all the new people on earth between now and 2050. The continent will need more energy, and greater, more efficient agricultural production. Africa has been...
Lorraine Moneypenny
Apr 1, 2018
Lorraine Moneypenny
Lending further proof to the maxim that Nexant staff can be informative and entertaining in any medium, Nexant’s own Ron Cascone made for an engaging guest on the radio last month. (Recording...
Jennifer Denherder
Mar 13, 2018
Jennifer Denherder
Recently, customer experience has become a hot topic for many of the utilities we work with and coming from a customer service background, I've got a personal drive toward providing great customer...
Kevin L. Boyle
Mar 1, 2018
Nexant has served refiners, petrochemical makers, and renewable energy producers worldwide for 40 years, but lately we’ve been just visitors in the city at the center of the US energy universe. We...