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MIchael Sullivan Leadership
Apr 16, 2020
Josh Schellenberg
This blog post was originally published on LinkedIn and was adapted from the final paper for my leadership course in the Executive MBA program at The Wharton School. Dr. Michael Sullivan is an...
How to Conduct Your Own Mini Home Energy Audit
Apr 15, 2020
Rob Hanson
Lynn Belken
With shelter in place orders in many states across the country, many are now setting up home office spaces and temporary school work stations for their children. With more people at home and inside...
Six Ways Food Service Businesses Can Save Energy
Apr 6, 2020
Lynn Belken
Many business owners experience high monthly electricity and utility bills. But did you know that commercial kitchens use more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings like offices or...
Customer Care and Business Processing at Nexant
Mar 30, 2020
Katy McSurdy
Lynn Belken
Many people dread having to call a customer service number. Thoughts of long wait times, endless phone trees, and random hang-ups fill their mind. They feel lucky if they get to talk to someone...
Detergent Alcohols – Examining the Technological, Economic and Business Aspects of this Industry Sector
Mar 22, 2020
Marcos Nogueira César
Detergent alcohols are long-chain alcohols containing between 12 and 18 carbon atoms produced commercially from both synthetic (mainly olefins) and natural feedstocks (primarily palm kernel oil)...
Celebrate Women’s History Month: Leaders in Energy
Mar 16, 2020
Lynn Belken
I can vividly remember attending my first national energy efficiency conference early on in my career. I was so excited to be present at the event and accept a national award on behalf of my company...
Nexant’s 20-Day Challenge - Kick Single-use Plastics!
Mar 4, 2020
Katy McSurdy
Let’s think big picture for a second. Plastics have saved many lives through devices like pacemakers, incubators, helmets, seat belts---far too many things to name. It’s also been essential in safe...
Nexant celebrates 20 year anniversary
We’ve come a long way in 20 years and we are proud of the way we continue to develop and implement strong services and useful products. Check out some milestones in this infographic.
Cobalt Extraction Technologies
Mar 5, 2020
Marcos Nogueira César
The cobalt sector, traditionally important for chemicals, metallurgy, and pigments, is receiving increasing attention due to its strategic importance to the production of rechargeable lithium-ion...
Feb 26, 2020
Pat Sonti
Priyanka Khemka
Defining the Supply Chain The traditional and conventional textiles industry is constantly being driven by innovation in fibers, fabrics, garments, and distribution supply chain which are the basic...