Real-time mobile energy and water assessments

​iEnergy® Onsite provides real-time energy and water analysis and rebate information through a mobile assessment application. iEnergy Onsite collects data that is critical to utility DSM, energy efficiency and water programs. iEnergy Onsite allows end-users (such as trade allies, engineers, energy and water auditors) to perform assessments, gather building benchmarking data, track project and measure installation, and perform measurement and verification. All data collected through iEnergy Onsite is published in a centralized data management, tracking and reporting back-end system. This synchronization enables the delivery of instant results such as: assessment reports, measure savings calculations and benchmarking information. This enables users to rapidly deliver the results of a site visit to customers on premise.

In addition, iEnergy Onsite’s building asset driven approach provides essential utility customer analytics— empowering future portfolio planning and market potential studies. iEnergy Onsite delivers accurate energy and water assessment data and reports to customers, providing program and site specific recommendations to help drive utility DSM program participation and educate the customer base.


  • Real-time results and instant reporting
  • Streamlined communication
  • Configurability and flexibility
  • Higher rebate conversion rate
  • Increase program participation
  • Enables trade allies
  • Provides crucial premise data


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