Engage and manage contractors and vendors in one place

iEnergy® Trade Ally helps utilities promote energy efficiency and water conservation through effective trade ally engagement from recruiting to ongoing management. This in turn helps customers save money by providing energy and water saving solutions for homes and businesses. The easily accessed cloud-based software manages a list of qualified contractors and makes it available for utilities to share with their customers. By doing so, customers are connected to trade allies who are in turn connected to the utility office back office operations. Service providers can drive expanded business opportunities and promote energy and water efficiency by becoming members of a utilities trade ally network.


  • Automates and streamlines contractor invitation and approval process
  • Improves customer and partner participation in DSM programs
  • Enables certification and audit trail for efficiency measures
  • Provides easy customer access to utility member providers in addition to energy and water saving solutions
  • Enables trade allies to gain competitive advantage and new business opportunities


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